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This is a Great Explanation of What is HUD Home?  I am often asked this question, and the answer could not be explained better.  Buying a HUD home is an as-is sale, but can be a great buy.  You must have an agent to represent you to make the purchase!

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What is a HUD Home?  I can hear your thoughts already: 'DUH ... It's a home owned by HUD!'  True enough, but are you confident you know enough about them to make it a daily double?

Yes, HUD Homes are owned by HUD, but who is HUD anyway? And what characteristics make a home eligible to be a HUD Home?

First Things First

Flow Chart: Journey of A HUD HomeHUD is an acronym for the United States Department of Housing & Urban Development.  It is a critical federal agency whose leader (The HUD Secretary) is a cabinet-level appointment that reports to the President of the United States.

Have you ever heard of an FHA loan? Well, FHA stands for Federal Housing Administration, and it is a department within HUD whose Commissioner reports to the HUD Secretary.

FHA promotes homeownership in a number of ways, including providing loan guarantees to private lenders for making low downpayment FHA loans to homebuyers.

Cliff's Notes Version

Before your head starts spinning with all the alphabet soup and Realtor®-ese, here's the basic English version:

  • HUD wants Americans to be able to purhase homes
  • FHA sets guidelines for what qualifications a buyer must have
  • Banks qualify homebuyers based on this criteria and give mortgage loans to homebuyers
  • FHA insures these mortgages, promising to pay back the lender if the homeowner ends up in foreclosure
  • Banks then see the FHA guaranteed loans as a low-risk and make loans directly to homeowners

When those homeowners cannot pay their mortgage, the bank forecloses and then cashes in on the FHA insurance guarantee and gives the house back to HUD.

So, when you are buying a HUD Home, you are buying a foreclosure directly from the federal government, and it is ALWAYS SOLD AS IS.


For A Quick Recap ...

Jeopardy Game Show Image

If you were on Jeopardy!, here's what Alex Trebek would say, 'This special type of American real estate has the following characteristics:

              • A one to four unit property
              • With FHA insurance on the mortgage loan
              • Which is foreclosed on by the original lender
              • Who then files an FHA insurance claim
              • And signs over title to the largest U.S. Housing Agency


And then you would push your buzzer (first, of course!) and give the only acceptable answer: "What is A HUD Home?"


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If you are looking for information on how to buy a HUD Home, you've just found your one-stop resource.  If you are interested in buying a HUD Home in Southern California, we can help you directly.

If you are interested in buying a HUD Home nationwide, we can refer you to HUD-Registered brokers and agents who are trained on the most recent HUD procedures and actively selling HUD Homes in today's market.


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