Julie's Home Remedies! Cleaning porcelain sinks

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blue sinkSo, in getting a new listing ready to go on the market next week - we have the unfortunate issue of having BLUE porcelain fixtures in the main bathroom of the house. Ack! The owners are having to short sale their property, and because they don't want to put a ton of money into it to get it ready - we're stuck with the blue.


One big problem with porcelain (and especially colored porcelain) is that it tends to stain easily with ugly buildup from soap, toothpaste, shaving cream and the like. It was pretty grody the first time I saw the bathroom, I have to admit.... until I suggested they try one of my MOST favorite Home Remedy solutions. VINEGAR!  Yep, just distilled white vinegar that you can get by the gallon for under $3 at the store. vinegar


To remove all the gunk, soak paper towels in straight vinegar and place them in the sink to cover all areas. and leave for about an hour. Wipe and rinse when you're done, and then take a bit of baking powder and a soft rag and gently rub our the rest. The result is a sparkling clean sink that actually stays clean longer because you've gotten rid of the buildup! (By the way, never use bleach on colored porcelain, as it will fade the color.) Cheers!






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