Does my company REALLY need a website?

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Does my company NEED a website?

A website is an extremely valuable tool that bolsters your existing marketing, sales, recruitment and communications effort. In fact, if your business is not online or your existing site is unprofessional or ineffective, then you are losing sales opportunities. A good website will help you reach and retain customers!

But how do you go about finding out your companies needs and ultimately, finding out the need for a website?  Here are a few questions to ponder, with a few answers to go along with them...

1. Do you currently (or would you like to) use email to communicate within your business and to your customers/vendors?  If so, you will need a domain name in order to send and receive corporate email, which is the first step to getting a website.  InspireSmart solutions can develop a website tailored to your specific professional appearance and personal style.  InspireSmart strives to create a functional website designed to be completely user freindly while also giving a very professional look and feel to attract new customers to your business. 

2. Do the people in your business' target market spend time online?  If your customers are online part of the time, then they may be looking for your business online. This is an extra medium for you to capture their interest and inform them about your business and your products/services

3.  Do you seek a higher return on your investment than what you're currently using?  Determining your ROI can be very tricky online. A well designed and well managed website will help you to not only achieve these goals, but achieve the repetition of these goals.  If you sell to a customer once, that's great, but if you can sell to that same customer 10 times or 100 times that's even better. It's far easier to sell to existing customers than to try to get new ones.

4.  Once you put up a website, how are you found?  Three words: Search Engine Optimization.  This little phrase is the driving factor for customers finding you on the web.  Think of this, how many times do you search a product or service on Google and you click on the first few results?  Most of us can answer, a lot.  Ok, now ask yourself this, how many times have I gone to the 2nd or 3rd page of those same Google results?  Most of us have not.  That's where the SEO comes in.  InspireSmart can optimize a few words and phrases and put you at the top of those searches.  You don't have to do the work, they do it for you!  Why not call them to find out at 303-757-2800 ask for Dan 

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