Light rail extension for Tempe?

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The new light rail service for Tempe is scheduled to start in about a year.  The new service will run through the ASU campus and along Apache Blvd before heading into Mesa.  The city has already kicked off studies for extending the line further into south Tempe, where I live. 

The rail as it exists now does not do much for me unless I drive or take a bus (good luck with that) to a stop further north.  Not too convenient. It would be great to take the rail service into downtown Tempe or further into Phoenix without the hassle of driving.  To get down to my end of town though will be a challenge for the planners.  They have to somehow navigate through a railroad crossing which runs east-west between Apache Blvd and Broadway Rd. 

Now all that's assuming I haven't moved before 2015 which is the earliest any extensions in Tempe will be built.


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