Join Josiah for the Upland Chamber of Commerce Home Team Workshop on March 21st!

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On March 21st Josiah will be the speaker at the Upland Chamber of Josiah Salser and Upland Chamber of Commerce, Josiahknows and Upland Chamber of CommerceCommerce Home Team Workshop. He will be speaking on the subject, "6 Essentials to keep your business thriving in the new economy!"

Every business in Upland needs to know this information, since they are part of the ever changing economy that affects us all. In this period of economic upheaval, every business owner needs to know:

  1. Where Business Trends are Going
  2. How Can I Make Sure The Voice of My Business Is Heard Above The Crowd?
  3. How Can I Connect With My Customers?
  4. How Can I Create Stability Within My Company and Retain Solid Employees?
At the Upland Chamber of Commerce Home Team Workshop on March 21st at 11:30 AM Josiah will be reviewing these topics, and it will be an opportunity to engage with other business owners as we all strive to succeed- together!
Although it is being sponsored by the Upland Chamber of Commerce, this workshop is open to all business owners who would like to attend at no cost to them. 
Click the following link to find out more about this event and see Josiah's video invitation:
We hope to see you there! 

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