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I had a very cool opportunity to debate on Inside Texas Politics with Katrina Pierson a staunch Newt Gingrich supporter and Jonathan Neerman a Romney supporter. I would like to share with you the video so I can clarify a few things and bring a few things to your attention.

Point #1 ~ Katrina says that "no other candidates can address the issues that we have in the country today."

I beg to differ, Rick Santorum is the candidate who is showing up at events all across this country and sharing his vision and solutions. What is truly exciting is that people are responding and telling their friends and neighbors about it and the pundits and mainstream media which is what Katrina sounds like with Newt's campaign talking points are being proved wrong. A prime example is Santorum's appearance in Louisana tonight. This live stream is being shared all across the country via the relationships that have been created by the grassroots. As I have said, unlike in the past when we would visit and debate politics on our front porch now our front porch has become a laptop and geography does not matter.  


GSBC Live March 19, 2012 1:05 AM




Point #2 ~ Katrina says... "You have to be on the ballot to qualify for the Delegates. Newt Gingrich has a delegate problem because a majority people are not voting for him when he is on the ballot. The only way Gingrich or Ron Paul have a chance is by a brokered convention. It is called brokered for a reason. In Texas we are preparing for either situation, and we will be prepared to deliver Texas to Rick Santorum.  #TexasPicksRick

Point #3 ~ Again Katrina uses the talking point that Newt is the only one with a Vision and a solution. Really~  I think the Duggar Family would beg to differ on that. 

Point #4 ~ And this is a big one. THE CATHOLIC VOTE for Romney; Jonathan Neerman states that it is stunning to see the exit polls from some of these races with the Catholic Vote going to Romney. Actually that is not accurate. When you look at the numbers: when you combine Santorum and Gingrich the Catholic Vote does not go to Romney it goes to them. Just more proof that Newt is slitting the vote. I so wanted to make that clear and they did not come back to me. It is important that people understand that Romney has a read issue with the Catholic Vote.

Truth Matters and Romney seems to be lacking the ability to be an honest broker when it comes to similarities with the Romneycare mandate and the Obama HHS mandate.

If Mitt Romney is not telling the truth to the the American people is he really any different from Obama and the lies he has told the American people. The question is are you willing to take that chance.

Please listen to this video at timestamp 45:30-52:06 and you will see clearly
“He Did It!” Romney forced Catholic hospitals in Massachusetts to administer an abortion drug similar to Obama’s forced HHS mandate.  

Inside Texas Politics (3/18)

From what we see playing out across this country, I believe that God is bringing Americans of all faiths and backgrounds to form a “pocket of faith” around Rick Santorum.

Rick is the only candidate who can bring together 4 major voting blocks that if  we vote we beat Barack Obama.
1. Catholics ( Romney has a Catholic problem moving forward……)
2. Evangelicals
3. Jews ( Rick Santorum is clearly the strongest candidate on Israel) Jews for Rick Santorum: US Needs to Do More Than Talk on Iran
4. Blue Collar Manufacturing workers.  My Economic Freedom Agenda

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Dale Terry
Yadkinville, NC

I see very little difference between Romney and Obama.  That is why people are having trouble with him.  He says the same things as Obama with the words just in a different order. Although I believe he is good man with high morals, he is in the end for the status quo.  That will kill this nation.

Mar 20, 2012 08:30 PM