3 Keys for Spring Focus

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Finally, the temperatures are rising and the sun is shining.  Once again you feel alive, refreshed and rejuvenated. You are ready to conquer the world. Spring has got you in its grasp. “Bring on the spring fever” you shout, “I am so ready!” Well here is a word of precautionary nature, do not let spring get you sprung! In other words do not become so excited that you lose your focus. 

The key to presiding over spring fever is focus. Become focused on what needs to be done in your Real Estate business, then follow through and do it. Here are three tips on fine tuning your focus: 

1. Become Organized
You will never get anything accomplished if you do not know what needs to be done. Now is the time to review your CRM database and identify who is ready to make a real estate move.  It is also a good time to make sure you have all the necessary information in your database to keep close to your clients.  To stay close to them, make sure you have their phone number, email address, home address, birthday, anniversary (if it applies), along with any hobbies, friends, etc.  The more you know about your clients the more interested they will know you are in them.  So, go ahead and do some Spring cleaning on your database.

2 .Prioritize 
Before bed each night make a list consisting of the six most important things to do for the next day.  In the event that you do not complete all tasks, do not become discouraged. Place them on the top of tomorrow’s list and begin again. Be sure to include any open houses, buyer appointments, listing appointments, continuing education, daily phone calls and hand written notes that apply.  If you do not use BluePrint by iGetSales or a similar real estate CRM program, to track your daily activities, employ a planning sheet so you will know what you are doing at a glance.

3. Be Realistic
Do not aspire to be a “Jack of all trades but master of none”.  You cannot effectively be a buyer’s agent, listing agent, administrative assistant, closing coordinator, and a marketing expert all on the same day, so be realistic in planning your day. The quickest way to lose focus is to become overwhelmed.  You can’t do everything and everything isn’t always the most important or immediate.   A wise person once said about getting things accomplished, make three lists and then divide the “must do’s” amongst them. Title each list with the following phrases: Do It, Dump It and Delegate It.  The toughest of the three is delegating so if you have something important and you cannot accomplish it, assign the task to someone you trust and move on to something more immediate.

If you get organized, prioritize, stay realistic and accomplish all that has to be done you will have a successful Spring and pave the way for a winning Summer.

Wishing you a most profitable day,

Cynthia Hill

Simple Habits…Lasting Results 

-Cynthia Hill is the Founder of BluePrint by iGetSales.  Blueprint by iGetSales is an effective CRM specifically designed for real estate agents and managers to build and maintain strong relationships while dramatically increasing sales and agent count.


Quote of the week-

“Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. The sun's rays do not burn until brought to a focus.”  -Alexander Graham Bell



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