Part 1 -- Diary of Madman Realtor Breaking into New Market (Kure Beach Real Estate) with New Website (domain AgentPress)

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Crazy Realtor on Breaking into New Kure Beach Real Estate Market Using Wordpress AgentPress


Exploring the Art of Moving up in the Kure Beach Homes Google Search Engine Rankings

So quickly this series will cover myself breaking into a new Kure Beach real estate market with a brand new website/domain from scratch. How long does it take to get traction in google and bing search engine rankings for communities such as Seawatch homes? How to get ranked and what to write about? How to use AgentPress without being committed to an insane asylum, etc. Please share away and let's make this fun. Already since I made this video about 10 days ago there are big developments to share in terms of google rankings....Stay tuned and subscribe.

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Team Gale
Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Advantage - Wilmington, NC
Team Gale Keeps YOU On Course In Real Estate!

What do you use for your analytics and ranking stats?

Apr 10, 2012 06:50 AM
Jay Seville
Ocean Views Real Estate, Inc. - Oak Island, NC
Northern Virginia & SE NC Beaches  Is a limited ranking stat tool. It onlly looks up to the top 50 though. I subscribe to IBP 11 (internet business promoter) but haven't used it in  years.  Now would be a good time to start.  Google has forgotten about me it seems...but that's how google treats new sites. Ranks them..forgets them altogether and then brings them back even higher in the near future.

When the listings are added to my "real" website then I'm expecting immediate rankings at top for the city and community pages.  

Just hired a contractor at to help finish of the site (AgentPress)  It has listings on it now and looks much better so it's going well.  But it needs a pro to finish it.


I'll release an update video on this soon. Been working on this other wilmington site so my time is very divided right now.

Just got back from Wilmington--currently living in N VA.

Apr 10, 2012 02:07 PM
seagrove beach rentals

Austin, TX, is home to this gorgeously remodeled 4-bed, 5-bath modern . The flowing living areas are defined through the clever use of natural materials like wood paneling and stone.

Apr 24, 2012 04:09 PM
Jay Seville
Ocean Views Real Estate, Inc. - Oak Island, NC
Northern Virginia & SE NC Beaches

Jack, great website you have.  I found it just now searching for real estate teams in Wilmington north carolina.  


The kure beach site was completed by paying $50 to for a contractor from india or something.  amazing world we live in.


But here it is since you read the piece:

My other local creation is and the blog and landing paged are coming along.

My "real" site is and the WRAR IDX is being added to it this week-- it's a powerhouse and should get traction fast in the new market.


I'm looking for a team so I can get some referral business to work with upon arrival. 35% referral fee....Phone call the lead 4x first week and email and then call and email again 3 weeks later per systematic pipeline follow system using the resuccessnetwork model:


I need some buyer leads to work with asap starting end of May. So going to send a video email to top teams and see if somebody will let me on board for awhile to work on their team--humble pie after being the team leader in N VA and DC but I just want to go show homes and close deals each month while I keep getting set up there.  

Jack, you know how  it is--good help is hard to find.  And it's early impossible to find an agent who will make the calls daily for 2 hours....  If you have leads you're not following up effectively with consider me.

Apr 26, 2012 11:19 PM