Home Prices in Antioch 94531 – 2011 Trend

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Home Prices in Antioch 94531 – 2011 Trend

Home Prices in Antioch 94531 have been up and down over the last year. Homes in Antioch Ca 94531 tend to be in the newer parts of Antioch and feature some Luxury Homes at very good prices, Golf Course Homes, and homes near many of Antioch's Fine Parks.

There are two zip codes in Antioch and 94531 was split off from the rest of the city about 11 years ago and is in the areas of more recent development. Prices are a little higher than in 94509, however, the homes are generally newer and bigger.Antioch Homes Prices

Taking a look at the Chart to the right (and the graphs below) you can see the trend for Antioch Home Prices in 2011. There is an up and down nature to them. Generally as the Average Price of Homes in Antioch 94531 goes up the average price per SF goes down. Numbers tend to vary month to month. It does appear over the course of the year prices fell 5 to 10%. However, a peaked a head and looked at the numbers for January and February of 2012 and the prices are bouncing back. If you want to know what the current pricing is you need to e-mail me or call 925-260-4321.

Average Price Antioch Homes.

Antioch Home Prices in 2011

Take a look at this fine Antioch Homes and if you need to Buy a Home or Sell a Home in Antioch or beyond e-mail me or give me a call at 925-260-4321.

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