Turn Your Home Into a Money-Maker by Delicious Decors, Santa Barbara California

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Turn Your Home into a Money-Maker by Delicious Decors, Santa Barbara California

Did you know that 80% of people planning a vacation book their reservations 6 months prior to their vacation? Of those travelers, 75% of them will chose to stay in a home rental in 2012.

Now is the time to get your vacation rental home spruced up and booked up for the summer! Delicious Decors is here to help.

Vacation Rental Preparation Services
• Just need some sprucing up? From new fresh bedding & towels, replacement kitchen ware, to fresh paint and curb appeal, our team can get the job done.
• Perhaps it’s time to replace that old sofa or ragged rug. From one sofa to an entire house, call Delicious Decors.
• Would you like to get more $$$ for your rental? Add a second bathroom, extend the patio, remodel the kitchen; our team is ready to get started.
• If you’re interested in managing your rental on your own, we’ve got the know how on what it takes to get your rental booked all summer long and we’ll pass that information on to you.
• Looking for a great management company to handle your vacation rental for you? Just ask us and we’ll steer you in the right direction.

From remodeling, to sprucing up, furnishing and decorating, to booking and managing, we’ve done it all and would like to pass on a few tips to you.

1. Is your vacation rental a place you would like to spend your family vacation? This is always a good question to ask yourself.
2. Curb appeal, you’ve got to have it! Give your house a fresh coat of paint, trim plants, add fresh plants & flowers, repair anything damaged or unsightly.
3. Whether you are just now turning your property into a vacation rental or sprucing it up for this year, select attractive, comfortable furniture. Keep in mind how many people your house will accommodate, and then double-check to make sure you actually have enough dining chairs, TV viewing seating, outdoor seating and eating capacity. You get the picture.
4. Décor & Accessories … make it vacationy. If you’re near the beach, add beach décor and beach toys. If you have a mountain cabin retreat, go with mountain cabin décor. Include some fishing rods if there’s a lake or river nearby.
5. Do everything on the “Honey-do” list to make sure everything is running in smooth top form.

Vacation Retreat by Delicious Decors

Vacation Retreat Santa Barbara California

How do you get your vacation rental rented?

These are my Top 3 suggestions for success on turning your property into a Money-Maker:

1st Your vacation rental should look great! You are appealing to people’s emotions, they need to be attracted to your home.

2nd PHOTOS. I capitalize this because it’s your #1 selling tool. You need excellent photos that not only show the property accurately, but show off the property as well. Again, you are appealing to emotion!

3rd Whether you are managing your own property or you have hired a management company, responses to inquiries must be done Promptly. If they have contacted you, they have contacted 5 other property owners as well, so jump on it.

Please call Delicious Decors today at 805.448.9226 or email peenny@deliciusdecors.com for a FREE estimate to turn your investment property into a Money-Maker and a retreat your entire famiy!

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