NV Energy Refrigerator Recycling Program. Save Money,Make Money and Environmentally Responsible

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Do you have an old Refrigerator hanging around? Maybe one in the garage that sits mostly empty? It’s time to dump it and save energy and money. A refrigerator that is over 10 years old can use twice the electricity as a new Energy Star Refrigerator.  With the model number you can look up your old refrigerators energy consumption and compare it to a new one. If you can’t find it you can ask an Energy Auditor like me to help you find that information.Energy Star

You can look at the Energy Star web site for an idea of how much you can save by replacing an old clunker. http://www.energystar.gov/index.cfm?fuseaction=refrig.calculator

If you do decide to get rid of that old energy hog. There is no need to send it to the landfill because NV Energy has a Refrigerator Recycling Program going on. It will keep junk refrigerators out of the landfill and the desert by recycling 95% of it. They also recover the refrigerants that can damage the ozone. The best part about it is they will pick it up and pay you $50. There are some requirements like it needs to be working and over 10 cubic feet.

For more information and to schedule a pick up call 1-877-289-8260 or look at the NV Energy website. https://www.nvenergy.com/home/saveenergy/rebates/refrigeratorrecycling.cfm 

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