HomeFree Nevada program helps ease the pain of high Energy Bills.

Home Inspector with Certified Structure Inspector IOS #1730, EA #30

Have you been thinking about getting an Energy Audit on you home? If not you should be. Nevada imports 6-8 Billion a year in Energy. When you save on energy you keep money locally.

There is a program right now called HomeFree Nevada that is willing to help pay for some of those energy upgrades. If you make a 20% improvement the program will give $1000 towards those upgrades.  Any home over 15 years old is a good candidate. It’s surprising how easily a twenty percent improvement can be made, especially in an older home. The program only uses properly qualified auditors and contractors. All work done is “tested out” by someone other than the contractor to ensure they did the improvements properly. It can also be used with Energy Efficient Mortgages.

During the Energy Audits I perform I find anything from missing insulation to disconnected ducts that no one knew about. It’s time to have your home energy checkup. Energy is not getting cheaper and you could be wasting lots of it every day.

To get more information about the HomeFree Nevada program look at the web site. http://www.homefreenevada.org/homeowners.html

 You can read and print information here. http://www.homefreenevada.org/pdfs/HomeownerInformation.pdf

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