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Personality Profiling
High D: The Driving Force


According to DiSC® personality profiling, the High D personality type is the driving force in any organization. Their positive, goal-driven attitude is essential to their team's success. High Ds process and respond very quickly. Be respectful of the fact that they don't need all the gory details. They have a mission to accomplish, and because of this, sometimes other people feel they are too impersonal and too focused.

It's important for Ds to make sure they are not being misconstrued or offending others. High Ds have a tough time relating to other personality types, which they perceive as being too slow, and not motivated enough to keep up with their rapid pace. Interacting with other people is one of their greatest challenges.

General Characteristics
High Ds are direct and decisive, and are very confident. They are problem-solvers, risk-takers, and self-starters. High Ds value their time and, therefore, posses great time management skills.

Communicating with a High D
When communicating with a High D, you must be brief, direct, and to the point. Ask "What" instead of "How to" questions. Focus on business because they desire results. Suggest ways for them to achieve results, be in charge, and solve problems. Don't repeat yourself, and focus on solutions, not problems.

Positive Characteristics
High Ds are instinctive leaders and are great in crisis situations. They are self-reliant, self-motivated, and innovative. They maintain focus on goals. They are specific and direct in all tasks. They provide direction and can push a group toward decisions. They are willing to speak out and give their opinion, and they always see the big picture.

High D personalities tend to overstep authority and can have an argumentative attitude. They can come off as being brash or too direct, and they dislike routine. High Ds are motivated by new challenges and the power and authority to take risks and make decisions.

Areas for Personal Growth
If you are a High D, you should strive to become a more active listener. Be less controlling and domineering, and develop a greater appreciation for the opinions, feelings, and desires of others. Put more energy into personal relationships. Show your support for other team-members, and reward them verbally when they have done well. Be friendlier, and try to be more approachable.

Stay tuned for the next Business Booster on High I: The Influencer.

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Comments (2)

Edward & Celia Maddox
The Celtic Connection Realty - Queen Creek, AZ

Thanks for sharing the High D profile info.  I may be one of them.

Mar 22, 2012 12:56 AM
Anthony Mosley
Van Dyk Mortgage Corporation - Grand Rapids, MI

Thanks for commenting. Nothing wrong with being a High D!

Mar 22, 2012 01:02 AM