How to make money at .24- real estate investment – CCIM’s Please Help

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How to make money at .24- real estate investment – CCIM’s Please Help


What would be the significance of .24 in a real estate investment? Well most anyone would learn as I did in the CCIM course of financial analytics that the cap rate might determine what the return on your investment. Is anyone out there looking for a 20% cap rate or better?  If you are then you may want to take a serious look at a Small Ranch just outside of Jackson, Mississippi. Lets take a look at the numbers: ok say that you make an investment of 400,000 for this facility, fill up all the retable space at the lowest price of 100.00, now multiply that by 80 (this is the number of spaces that are available) you will get 8000.00 per month or 96,000 per year: if my math is correct. Now that would put the cap rate at 24%. Please if they are any CCIM’s out there would help me with is this calculation I would appreciate that.

Horse stable for rent

Of course this is based on that purchase price, what might happen if you get it a little bit cheaper? Then it is very possible that the cap rate would go up and that means a better investment.

horse property in mississippi 

There is another home on the property that could be rented for 700.00 per month easy if you put some legwork into it.  All this of course is speculative but I believe that any hardworking entrepreneur willing to make some healthy income would be willing to do what it would take to make this happen.


Take a look at the property and decide for your self if you are willing to make that kind of money, heck if you paid cash at 390,000.00 you could make the property pay for itself in just under four years providing you were willing to make a solid effort to make it happen.

 horse farms in the south

All the details can be found on the Auction Calendar and the property will be sold at Auction on March 24th. So get the details now on how to invest in this property. There is even a caretaker willing to manage the property. She has been around this business for the last thirty something years. This location has had a business located on the property for over 40 years earning income as a Feed Store, Western Wear, Party Room, Barrel Racing, Stable Rentals, Equine Events, and other activities. Make your plans to attend the auction and buy the property. Call the Auctioneers for the details at 800-711-9175 of see them on the web at Certified Land Auction. Online-Bidding now available at online only auctions

southern horse ranch

equine facility auctions

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Myers Jackson
Auctioneer, Texas Flip N Move - Grapevine, TX
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Please do the numbers on this facility..this could be a great investment for you or someone that you know..

Mar 22, 2012 01:53 AM