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Reno Real Estate Market: Where art thou my love?

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Reno Real estate market where art Thou?

It could be extremely frustrating to get an objective opinion on How the Reno Real Estate Market is really doing.

You have the people in the real estate industry on our seemingly blind faith that everything would be ok. And that it's time to buy right now: 'there are great deals out there' I wish it was that simple.

I think it's better if you the consumers decide for yourself what's good for you. Besides, you're the one who knows your financial standing like no one else does.

Now what I can do is present to you the facts as they are, they are not my opinion but the Market's. And honestly, that's the only thing the matters right now.

In this post I made a graph on the number of homes for sale in the whole Reno area. You'll see the supply and demand side of the market. This is huge:

Click here: http://renomarketblog.typepad.com//reno/2007/12/reno-number-o-1.html