Weather and related listings

Real Estate Agent with Assist-2-Sell

You might ask, "What has weather got to do with listings?" Well, this week we got three new listings in our office. (I got two and the other agent got one.) In the Mercer county area of New Jersey there wasn't much of a weather event. It turned out to be mostly rain. Go figure. I hope the weather didn't damper your efforts to succeed in the real estate business. We've certainly seen a lot happen during this past year.

One disappointment about this web site blog is that most of the blogs I've read are nothing more than advertisements for a particular agent or office. What a turn off. If you think this is professional networking, guess again. I find it annoying, unprofessional, and the appearance that agents are screaming for attention. Many of the so called "real estate agents" seem to be doing a lot of side work beside real estate. If you're committed to the realty business, focus on it and forget the other stuff. If you want to do real estate do real estate. Otherwise look for a "real job".

Well enough of that. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas holiday filled with love and good will towards everyone. Try to remember these feelings throughout the year. Till next time.