FHA Mortgage Insurance Changes Coming on April 9th, 2012 are NOT the End of the World

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Gene brings us good information, with a positive outlook regarding the upcoming FHA Mortgage Insurance fee change.  As he indicates, the purchasing power loss can be overcome - and amounts to less than 3%.


      It is said ...

     Times change, people change, situations change, relationships change ...
     The only thing constant is change. 
                                                                                            Author unknown  
     Yes, change is inevitable.  That is true ... but I personally believe, that HOW you react to that inevitable change is what is important.  It can be your defining factor moving forward.

    And if any business industry has seen and had to endure change over the past few years, it's certainly been the real estate industry.  Change has been radical  and constant. 

    More change is coming.  We have to look no further than April 9th, 2012 to experience that change too.  That's the day that upfront costs for FHA Mortgage Insurance will go from 1.0% to 1.75% (on most all scenarios).

    Buyers/Borrowers and Real Estate Professionals alike can be upset or complain about this upcoming change, but it won't stop it from happening.  Perhaps then a positive outlook ... a "lemon into lemonade" outlook ... is the one we should tackle this change with?  What I mean is this ... 

     Good news can still be found, even taking this upcoming change into consideration.  It's not the end of the world.  Rates have remained low for a long time and it appears that they will remain low a good while longer. 

     Now that is NOT to say that we won't see some increase, but rates should remain advantageous.  And don't overlook that there IS still time for action prior to this FHA Mortgage Insurance change coming. 

     A Buyer still has time to find a property, get it under contract, APPLY FOR MORTGAGE through April 8th and avoid the higher fees.  That means if you're a Buyer that has already begun the home buying process, this post serves as an "Alert to Action". Get Moving!! 

     If you're an Agent, you've still got the time and opportunity to communicate with Buyers in your pipeline that are close to taking some action.  Let this news serve as a catalyst.  All is not lost!

     I've put together an illustration (below) of the realities, pros, and cons regarding the upcoming FHA Mortgage Insurance changes coming on April 9th.  Utilizing real numbers, I hope to clearly demonstrate what a Buyer's mortgage payment will be PRIOR to the upcoming changes .. and then after them. 

Loan Amount = $200,000
Interest Rate = 3.75%
Current Cost of Upfront Mortgage Insurance *
Current Monthly Payment for Mortgage Insurance *
Total Payment  (Excluding Taxes/Hazard Insurance)
Change (Increase) in Payments
LOSS of Buying Power
     In most cases, a $5,500 reduction in a Buyer's approval price CAN be overcome.  And consider this ...

     In the scope of things, THIS change ... an increase in FHA Mortgage Insurance costs ... still remains a better option than no FHA-insured loans at all.  April 9th will come and go ... and it will not be the end of the world.  Working together, we'll overcome it.

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