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Another Reason Sherman Oaks Short Sales Get Done

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More Reasons Short Sales in Sherman Oaks get done.

Another little understood fact is that the servicer to the investor, that is, the bank you have been calling about your loan, the bank that you may be assuming is the owner of the loan, may only have a fiduciary duty to the lien holder.

All banks that help service a loan for an investor have to look out for the best interests of that investor, be it a group of investors or another larger bank or financial institution... and that means that they have to save them or make them the most possible money in all deals.... in this case, your Sherman Oaks Short Sale.

As an agent, my job is to negotiate in the best interest for my client.  I hold a fiduciary duty to them, and must get them the most money for their property, in the best possible time on market.  Foreclosures help no one but the shark investor, and the clock is ticking if the home owner has stopped paying their mortgage.  My best service is to bring all these parties, the buyer, seller and bank, together in agreement, to present the offer and show that it is a fair market value, and that it was open and available for buyers and that the particular buyer can and will close the deal.

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Details like days on the market, the number of showings, any price reductions and the resulting buyer traffic increase, the number of interested buyers out of the number of showings and the number of actual offers and how they were treated, responded to, countered on price and terms.... these are the things that get a negotiation on the move.

If it comes to an obstinate negotiator for the bank, the homeowner can step in and assure the bank that they will keep the home in great condition up until the transfer of title, and give a gentle reminder that they are moving out if the deal doesn't go through and know not who will keep caring for the property in that event.

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Asking the negotiator if they really think that going through the process of foreclosure in this uncertain market will net their investor more money in six months is a great way to get a Sherman Oaks Short Sale done, closed, finito, finished... and save everyone the headache of another eyesore foreclosure in the neighborhood.

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