What is important?

Home Inspector with Property Inspections

When choosing a property inspector, what is the most important thing that you look for? What can an inspector do or offer that would make your job as a realtor easier and make your buyer more at ease.

Is it the certificaton? Is it the report? Is it the customer service? Is it follow up after the inspectiion?

I pride myself on the fact that I try to educate the home buyer as well as inspect the home for them. I like to make the extra effort and explain to the purchaser how items in the home work and the general home owner maintenance. Looking for some insight that might improve the services that I offer........

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Ken Spencer
Buckeye, AZ
for Verrado, Buckeye, Sundance

That's great Michael.  One thing our clients like is a home inspector who gaurentees any defect, post inspection, that an inspector has looked at that becomes a problem or issue after move in.   Is this something you do?  At what level do you do this? $1,000 max, $10,000, etc.?


Jan 01, 2007 05:38 AM
Michael Jennings
Property Inspections - Grove City, OH

I try to not miss anything and I try to educate everyone. Problem is that you can miss things and not cover some things. I stress that I want the buyer present during the inspection. I also make it a point to stress that I am not a warranty company. I usually leave that up to the buyer and seller agent to make certain that the home buyer purchases or has established in place a home warranty that covers major mechanicals and sometimes structural. Home inspection companies are usually just "generalists". This means that they are like your family doctor. They can tell you what is wrong but they leave it up to the specialist to take care of the problem. I am an inspector that will shoot form the hip. If I feel a property is in poor condition, I pull no punches and let my client know up front. My only obligation is to that client and make them aware of all I can and I will do follow up inspections and handle what needs to be done. I will cover what I can but as you said. There has to be limits. Thanks for your comment. It is a very touchy subject and has often times made me consider other options in my career choice. It all boils down to every client is different and every situation is different and I handle accordingly.

Jan 06, 2007 04:27 AM