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On Tuesday March 27th at 1:00 pm est - I will be hosting a webinar on the new Facebook and how it is going to affect your business page.

Join me by registering at :

Are you realizing now that your Facebook page is getting ready to go to a new layout?  If so, you are not alone!! With over 833 million users online, how can we take facebook to the most leveraged, maximized level so it brings the results in growing your business.  

Here is what businesses are dying to know and figure out.

How do we show our brand and culture in the most engaging way possible?

How can I create a business page and is there a way to create multiple website pages in my facebook account?

What should those pages do – what do I want the outcome to be when they go to my facebook page and see these other sections to log in?

How can I run specific PPC campaigns and what should the ads be like?

What are “Apps” and how do they work?

I see cool tools like Pinned Post, Highlight (star emblem) for most wall postings. How do those work and why should I use them?

How would the milestone section be used in building my business message?

How does our website and blog play into the overall plan with Facebook?

What is the difference between an ad and a story when advertising on Facebook?

What are the 10 key best practices for building my business on Facebook?

What should I do first (I wish I had a checklist!)

What are secrets to getting the most engagement on a post?

Discover the hidden marketing and lead generation strategies to close more sales using the new tools of facebook!

You will see and learn 5 ways to leverage the new facebook timeline double your lead generation with these cutting-edge strategies.

~ Build your brand, connection, and unique positioning
~ Leverage calls to action
~ Maximixe Niche marketing
~ Get in front of the right people at the right time!
~ Integrate  YouTube, IDX strategies and more for maximum momentum!

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