Competing against the "I have a friend who is a Realtor" objection

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How many times have you lost a sale due to someone "knowing someone in the business?"  With the real estate market as it I can't stress enough the importance of homeowners using a Realtor with knowledge, experience, and a team in place to handle there home.  With Arizona homeowner's losing there homes to foreclosure all the time now is not the time to be messing around with there short sale listing going to an non-short sale professional.  Next time you get into this situation have your homeowner ask there "Friend" how many short sale's have they closed?  What size team do they have behind them processing there file?  What information or education can they offer you to research what is the best solution for you situation?  Are they explaining the in's and outs of HAFA and how they may be able to receive up to $3k cash at closing of there home?  Did they advise you that the mortgage debt forgiveness act is set to expire this year and what that means to them?  Are they partnered up with a Title company that will help with the process at no cost to them?  Are they providing them with a list of all the required documents needed to short sale there home?

To be referred to an AZ Short Sale specialist visit my website at and I would be happy to assist.  To all AZ Realtor's not wanting to handle their own short sales 30% referral fees are being paid for any listings over 100k.  If you would like to become more knowledgeable on how short sales work and feel comfortable taking them I would be happy to help.   

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