Do You Like the online photo's of your listings?

Home Stager with Harmonizing Homes LLC

Professionally staged homes sell over 50% faster and on average for 6-10% more.  That's quite a bit more money for a lot less headache, but how do you get the home sellers to "buy in" to the idea of staging a home.  As a Real Estate Agent and expert in the industry, you owe it to your clients to have answers as to why their home is not selling or how they can get more money out of their home

Buyers don't buy houses they buy homes ...they have a vision of what they want for their families...Stagers can partner with agents like you to stage, market and photograph homes their best potential. Stagers are experts in using what your clients already has and to transform the space to what buyers are looking for.  We can make hard dark and clutter rooms softer;  make questionable rooms have a purpose and warmth....1 out of every 10 buyers can see a potential of a home - Stagers  make you stand out with model qualified photos to make your listing presentation outstanding.  You will be able to  marketiing them better and faster...  I would love to help you sell your listing through a partnership.

It can be as simple as this



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