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Sherman Oaks Home Buyer Looking for a Short Sale Deal

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Sherman Oaks Home Buyer Looking for a Short Sale Deal

Sherman Oaks, California
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Some interesting Sherman Oaks Short Sale Buyers have posed the opinion that they can "steal" a deal on a short sale.

Never one to back away from a challenge, the question was posed as to what "steal" means to them in this context.

Often agents will hear this type of language... I've received emails from investors wanting to buy a home at 60 cents on the dollar.   My first thought was.... me too!  Any person, agent or otherwise who ran across a knowledgeable seller who knew they were selling their home at 60 percent of market value... and was okay with it... they just wanted to sell it now.... would jump at the chance.  There is no amount of phone calls I wouldn't make to get the cash in my hand immediately if not sooner if someone was going to present that kind of opportunity to me.  Even with selling costs, the profit margin would be huge, and at that kind of discount it could well be a keeper as a long term investment.

I have heard of sales being made at 60 percent of fair market value.  The question I want my buyers to ponder is.... why would a bank sell at that much of a discount?  Really, why? 

This market is an interesting mix neighborhood by neighborhood of high demand to medium demand... any decent home listed on the market with a five or ten percent discount of perceived market value is going to receive more than one purchase offer... today.... right now.  That's the market of the moment.  Sherman Oaks Homes for sale are in demand and there are plenty of people waiting on the sidelines for a deal with cash in hand. 

The 60 cents on the dollar deals I've heard of are from banks wanting to dump $300 million worth of homes in a day.... and it has happened.  Like the big box stores, buying in bulk will often result in the best deal for obvious reasons... banks don't want to own property and be landlords... they want to lend money to make money.

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So when you're a Sherman Oaks Home Buyer Looking for a Short Sale Deal... don't necessarily look to a bank to give you a steal....  Banks don't stay in business by losing money.

Peace to you and yours.


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