Small Updates Make Big Impressions

Real Estate Agent with Coldwell Banker United, Realtor

As a realtor I often am asked about remodeling. Particularly what remodeling/ updating gets the most bang for the buck.  Hands down its kitchen and bath.  However, a little can go a long ways.  I can tell you how often I have people tell me about the tens of thousands of dollars they plan to put into the kitchen or bath thinking they will get it all and then some back when its time to sell.

I alway preface my answer with this question.  Is this your forever house?  If the answer is yes, spend as you wish. If not as is 99% of the time, then don't out price your neighborhood.  If your update plans are connected with your plans to sell then small changes can make a big impact.

For the bathroom  incorporate one or more of these upgrade ideas:

* Splash a fresh coat of paint on the walls. An updated coat of paint will give the bath new life and will give the entire room a more current look.

* Accessorize towels and furnishings, use matching colors or shades to create a uniform look.

* Add a fresh bead of caulk to the sink and shower to eliminate signs of mold or mildew.

* Swap the old shower liner for something clean. 

* Decorate with scented candles or tart burners. Make sure any lingering scent is a pleasant one.

* Scrub, Scrub and scrub!! A polish to the bath will give a warm welcome.

* Add complimentary lighting. Light fixtures with a softer, more natural glow won't wash out a guest's appearance.

* Replace your outdated sink faucet. A new faucet will make your sink sparkle like new.

* Coordinate hardware. Use the same material finish for towel and paper holders, tissue cases and robe hooks.

For the kitchen many of the same idea will work as well as:

* Upgrading the countertops. In my opinion granite sells.

* Change out the cabinet doornobs.

* Upgrade the lighting and under cabinet lighting.

* Replace worn flooring for a new updated tile.