Are You Preventing Your Home from Selling?

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Your home has been on the market for 3 months now and you're not getting any traffic coming through. You must be thinking, "Oh the market is slow right now, just give it some time." Then another 3 months pass by and you mutter the same thing to your wife. Well Sir, a half year is a long time in any kind of market. Did you ever think that you are preventing your home from selling?

First things first, you must hire a good agent to sell your home. 'For Sale By Owner' (FSBO) is less prevalent now-a-days and 85% of FSBO's end up listing with an real estate agent anyways (click here for FSBO stats). This is a big step and you want to choose a Realtor that will value this decision as much as you do. This is a no brainer- a HomeZill Agent!

Next, the price! Selling a home is a big decision and you have to consider the negatives along with the positives. Is this a smart time for me to sell? --in this market, it is if you are buying a more expensive home. How much could I possibly lose on this sale? Is my bottom line realistic? Remember, buyers don't care how much you "think" your home is worth. You have to put yourself in a buyer's position. They're going to do their research by visiting homes that are similar in your neighborhood. They will research what the comparables have sold for in the past few months. You want to price your home to sell, and not have a 'for sale' sign in your yard for multiple seasons.

Third, does your home show well? When you walk into your home, do you have to weave in and out of the clutter like a gauntlet? Though you might like the way your home looks, not everyone has the same taste as you. You want to clear out as much junk as possible. The less, the better. For paint and carpet, neutral colors also help the buyer to better picture themselves in your home. Again, remember to always put yourself in the buyer's shoes. Wouldn't you want to walk into a sharp looking home? Make it happen! Lastly, are you marketing your home enough? There are many methods for marketing your home, but there are only a handful that are effective. Your real estate agent should help you with this step. A HomeZill Agent will show you the best methods for getting the most exposure through online and traditional marketing tactics. They have done countless hours of research to come up with the most effective marketing strategy for selling a home in the shortest period of time.

To reiterate the aforementioned, the most important factor when selling your home is PRICE! Make sure that it is feasible to sell your home because if you have to accept your bottom line, you should be satisfied with it.

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