Real Estate in the Holiday Season

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Greetings from the Real Estate world in the month of mistletoe, reindeer, and Santa Claus.  Our office recently hosted a Saturday where children could have their pictures made with Santa Claus, play games, face paint, and have refreshments.  It was a huge success and made me start thinking.  If I could sit on Santa's lap today and ask for something (and still believe that I would actually GET it), what would I ask for? 

World Peace  -   No, I am not a beauty contestant and do not think that would work.

End to Global Warming  -   Not being a huge Al Gore fan, this would probably not be a good idea.  Plus, I am sure that I have contributed to this problem (we realtors log a LOT of miles) and do not want to be hypocritical.

Low Interest Rates  -   But wait, we already have them.  Why waste a wish?

And end to poverty   -    But wait, again, we can never erase poverty.  After all, the definition of poverty is the lowest economic strata of society.  If the lowest live in mansions, that would be the poverty level.  So this wish would not be practical either.

Happiness to all  -   let's get real, not everybody wants to b e happy.

A buyer for every home  -  that would be a wonderful wish.  As realtors, we want to please all of our buyers.  We all realize that there are buyers for every home, but we may not be given enough time to find them.  Some homes are more difficult to sell and appeal to a more limited market.  Those homes require more time to sell. 

So my wish for Santa would be for a buyer for every listing I have.  Like a parent whose happiness comes from seeing their child's delight on Christmas morning, I want to call all my clients with contract offers in my hands. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday Season and a prosperous New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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