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The Don't Drive with My Crazy Wife Advisory

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The problem with real estate disclosures is that we don't have enough of them.  We need more disclosures, lot's and lots more.  One prominent Real Estate company uses a "Disclosure about Disclosures."  Now THAT's what I'm talking about! 

Also, we desperately need an "Advisory on Advisories."  The California Association of Realtors legal department can certainly handle that modest request, c'mon legal beagles, get to work. Our puny inch and a half thick stack of disclosures and advisories is embarrassing.

Let's get our underworked lawyers revved up:

The Don't Run on Icy Sidewalks Disclosure

The Electricty Can Hurt You Advisory

The Governor's Declaration That Some People Are Mean

The State Warning That Redundant Disclosures Are Redundant Disclosure of Redundancy

and, of course,

The Don't Drive with My Crazy Wife Disclosure

CJ, my darling wife and partner, will blast down a two-lane country road at 65mph, her Rav 4 stuffed with clients, spot a delapidated FSBO sign, slam on brakes, pull a three point turn in the middle of the road, her clients shrieking in terror and gasping for breath, and race back to the sign.

"Nope," sez CJ, "it's a dump," and roar back onto the road, tires spinning, gravel flying.

Me?  I ease on down the road cautiously until I find a DRIVEWAY or other SAFE place to turn around (are you listening, CJ) and deliver my customers SAFELY to our destination.  CJ has a name for me and my responsible driving style, but it's not very nice, so I won't repeat it here.

You can see why our clients should sign The Don't Drive with My Crazy Wife Advisory.


Larry Lawfer
YourStories Realty Group - Newton, MA
"I listen for a living." It's all about you.

How about the "you will be eating alone for the foreseeable future disclosure" for throwing your wife under the bus in such a public forum.

Mar 28, 2012 11:09 PM
Kevin J. May
Florida Supreme Realty - Hobe Sound, FL
Serving the Treasure & Paradise Coasts of Florida

I only have one question Bob.  Did CJ take that profile picture of you using your noggin?  CA is way ahead of us on the disclosure issue but we'll follow suit soon enough.   

Mar 28, 2012 11:25 PM
Bob Jenkins

Good point, Larry.  Perhaps I need an Advisory Not to Write Blogs at 5AM When I Can't Sleep.

Mar 28, 2012 11:41 PM
Bob Jenkins

Kevin, the photo is actually meant to suggest that "I Have Lost My Mind," or, as CJ says, "Nothing Up There."

Mar 28, 2012 11:43 PM