Irvington Indianapolis Homes for Sale - What makes Irvington Special?

Irvington: A Rich Slice of Indianapolis History

 You want to be near downtown in a vibrant neighborhood with great eats, arts and homes. That’s Irvington!

Five miles from downtown and light years from the ‘burbs, Irvington is an Indianapolis neighborhood known for amazing architecture, winding brick streets and Washington Street, a commercial district with great eats and funky shops. Irvingtonians are proud of this place and always ready to welcome newcomers to the fold.

From the abolitionist lawyers who founded the town to the 1900s art movement created here, Irvington’s history underscores what made this town special when it was founded, and as continues to evolve and flourish.

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Next installment: Was Irvington really named after the author of Sleepy Hollow?

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