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While most people don't like to get tagged with a MeMe, I don't have an issue with it. Recently I was chosen by Alexander Harb to be a moderator for his group Christianity and Real Estate, which came as a big surprise to me. I certainly don't hide the fact that I am a Christian, but I also don't shout it in the streets with trumpets blaring. I like people I meet to just "know" that I am a Christian by the kind of man I am and from my actions. Since I hadn't posted a great deal to the group, I was a bit shocked that Al would want me to moderate the group. In the end, I'm just a regular guy, with a rough past, trying to do the best I can every day.

Sarah Eubanks was one of those folks who decided that they want to know more about me, so she decided to tag me for a MeMe today. If you follow my blog, you might remember my last MeMe, in which I disclosed some very personal things about myself. I received more than a couple critical comments about what I disclosed there. Maybe I crossed that line, maybe I just moved the line a bit. It's still there, if you want to go check it out. I wouldn't waste my time, if I were you. Anything you want to know about me can be found out by calling me. Hey, my cell phone # is 570-991-1073. Feel free to give me a call at any time.

Now...on to my MeMe...

I found it very interesting in reading Sarah's MeMe that she had a dangerous roll-over accident 7 years ago. I also had one 7 years ago! I lived in NC and was driving on the mile long dirt road leading to my house when I lost control of the car, a Ford Mustang Convertible, and rolled it into a ravine. While I didn't break my neck, I did get my head smashed by the frame of the car (the top was down so my head was caught between the frame of the windshield and the ground as it rolled) and received many stitches through the hairline on the right side of my head. If it hadn't been for the softness of the ground, the car would have smashed my head and I'd be dead. This isn't the first terrible car wreck I've survived. I actually have a terrible history of car accidents. When I was 19 years old, I was involved in another accident in which I really should have died. It was in this accident that I heard the voice of God for the first time in my life.

Yes...I said I heard the voice of God. I was young, 19 to be exact, and I was living a life of extreme indulgance. I will go further into detail about this incident in another post. It deserves more than a blurb here. Suffice it to say that even that extreme event didn't change the way I was living my life too much. It started me thinking and asking questions, but even hearing God speak to me wasn't enough for me to do what I needed to do. I didn't make the choice to give my life to Christ until much later, but I always knew that I was special somehow. Maybe one day I'll know why.

I lead a men's group centered around the book, Wild at Heart by John Eldridge. I formed a Band of Brothers a few years ago and, like most men, we're in and out of contact but we are committed to one another and I know I could go to any one of them for help when I need it. I recently invited any man who wanted a copy of this book to let me know and I would buy it for them. So far, I've bought one book. We men act very interested, but it takes a lot to get most of us to commit to read a book these days.

I've lived in California, Missouri, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Arkansas, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and I spent 4 years in Germany. I never really spent a lot of time in one place throughout my life, which makes it hard for me to make friends and keep them. I actually attended 4 schools in the 8th grade! I guess I never really learned those skills as a child, but I'm getting better at it. I've found that AR is a great place to make friends. I hope to make more.

I am a great cook. As a matter of fact, I cook just about every meal we eat. I also love to bake and make a world-class cheese cake. I think cooking is about the best hobby you can have. What other hobby can you eat the results? I absolutely love to have friends over and cook a big meal for everyone to eat. There's nothing more bonding than breaking bread with friends.

Well, that's it for now. I'll have to save some stuff in case I ever get MeMe'd again. Sarah, I hope this helps to quench your thirst for knowledge about me. If not, please feel free to give me a call.

Now, I guess I have to choose 3 other victims?

OK...I've wanted to know more about Arina Hanciulescu for a while now. This woman writes some of the best Localism and data-filled posts I've seen, but we get to see very little about her as a person. Arina, tell us about yourself a bit.

Recently, I attended an AR get together in Philly. I met Nick & Trudy Vandekar there and would like to hear more about them as well. It's not as much fun without the accents, I'm sure, but we would like to meet you guys.

There was also another guy there that I really enjoyed talking to, Joseph Michalski. We talked a bit about the power of networking on AR and I was explaining to him that we like to get to know the person we are doing business with. He promised to spice up his posts a bit with some personal info. Joe, this is your opportunity. Help us to get to know you a bit better!!

OK, I'm really done now. Thanks for taking the time to read.

Until next time...

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Alexander Harb
Knights Investing - Mesquite, TX
Dallas, Texas Real Estate Investing

hehehehe...I missed this one...whew!!

I did a MeMe a LONG time ago......

We HAVE to talk again, Trev!!!


Dec 17, 2007 02:18 PM
Jason Sardi
Auto & Home & Life Insurance throughout North Carolina - Charlotte, NC
Your Agent for Life
Andrew - I especially look forward to Joseph's Meme....should be interesting.  And I'm always interested to hear about those I just met, very nice tags.  I didn't know you could cook:-)
Dec 17, 2007 02:26 PM
Suzanne Sands
Pavao Real Estate - Somerset, MA
Somerset MA Real Estate


Another meme, looks like we like you! I am still learning how to cook, I'm not great yet. But I love taking a traditional meal and making a healthy version...I always like it! ;)

Dec 17, 2007 02:28 PM
Andrew Trevino
ADT Real Estate - Wilkes Barre, PA
Wilkes-Barre Homes For Sale


Your transparency in your posts makes it all too easy to know who you are as a person. I imagine sometimes it's difficult to live up to the stature your blogs gives you, but I imagine you do your best too. We are just men after all. Any time you feel the urge, you give me a call. I would enjoy that.

Dec 17, 2007 02:30 PM
Andrew Trevino
ADT Real Estate - Wilkes Barre, PA
Wilkes-Barre Homes For Sale


Yeah, Joseph's knowledge of Philly was amazing. He could be a guide. I also loved his down-to-earth attitude. Seems like he could be a great friend. And, I absolutely can cook...inside and outside of the house. You're always welcome to come visit sometime and break bread with me and Susana.


I tried to keep this one toned down a bit, although I have the feeling that some may think I really am crazy for hearing God talk to me. I guess I wouldn't be me if I weren't at least a little bit crazy. LOL

I don't know about healthy as much as hearty in my cooking. It's guaranteed to leave you feeling fat and happy. Especially the cheesecake.

Dec 17, 2007 02:37 PM
Jason Crouch
Austin Texas Homes, LLC - Austin, TX
Broker - Austin Texas Real Estate (512-796-7653)
Andrew - This was a great meme.  I have to admit that I would love to see the previous one after reading your remarks here about it.  I think it is awesome that you made this one a Public post.  I hope you're having a great week so far! 
Dec 17, 2007 03:12 PM
Arizona Real Estate Associate Broker
MR Realty - Mesa, AZ
Andrew - It was nice to read more about you and what makes you, YOU! I do enjoy to cook and entertain with friends as well. By the Meme you have lived a very interesting and adventurous life indeed. Curious now to read your previous Meme to learn more! Have a wonderful holiday.
Dec 17, 2007 03:22 PM
Arina Hanciulescu
RealtyPros - Las Vegas, NV

Andrew - I honored, really, that you picked me up for MeMe... Please allow me few days to put myself together. I am visiting my family for Christmas in North San Francisco where I am trying to relax a little and recharge my batteries.

I am little intimidated to write about myself. Never liked to do that. But I'll do my best. Thank you again

Merry Christmas

Dec 17, 2007 03:43 PM
Sarah Eubanks
Hill Valley Financial Services - Oregon City, OR
Preferred Oregon Loan Consultant & Notary Public
Hi Andrew ~   Interesting that we had that first one of yours in common.  Thank you for sharing of yourself.  I did not know you had already done a Meme.  Sorry for the duplicate.  there must be something in this one which someone needed to hear.  Enjoy your Christmas, and oh btw, this was an interesting read!  :)
Dec 17, 2007 04:30 PM
Hugh Krone
Weichert Referral Associates - Hamburg, NJ
Realtor, Sussex County NJ
Andrew I believe in my heart that God talks to all of us its just a matter of shutting up long enought to listenand being able to accept when he tells you things you're not crazy about hearing
Dec 17, 2007 10:39 PM
Andrew Trevino
ADT Real Estate - Wilkes Barre, PA
Wilkes-Barre Homes For Sale


Thank you sir. I have nothing to hide and have shared my story with plenty of clients when the occasion has arisen, so making this one public is a no brainer. Thanks for your comment and feel free to go back to the other MeMe. It's in the basement. LOL


Thanks for your comment. I hope you have a wonderful holiday as well. Cook something good!


I think there are more than a couple of people here who want to know what makes you tick. I look forward to your MeMe.


Dec 18, 2007 12:29 AM
Robert L. Brown - Grand Rapids, MI
Grand Rapids Real Estate Bellabay Realty, West Mic
Good post. here i've found you can be YOU. So many times you take on the facade of someone or something else. That's why people seem to be very honest here.
Dec 18, 2007 12:39 AM
Andrew Trevino
ADT Real Estate - Wilkes Barre, PA
Wilkes-Barre Homes For Sale


I don't mind sharing at all, especially if people want to know. The other one was 3 months ago, so it's really buried in my archives at this point. I really thought it interesting that we shared a common car crash story, although yours was much more miraculous than mine. Thanks for the tag and thanks for the comment.


God does talk to all of us. He wants a dynamic relationship with us that goes way beyond our prayers. It's a personal relationship like the one we have with our most beloved relative, but it goes way beyond that. God truly knows us. He designed us in our mothers' womb and He knows every molecule of us. I want people to understand that, to have faith in that and to cling to that when all else fails.

Thanks for the comment and I hope you're feeling better today.

Dec 18, 2007 12:42 AM
Andrew Trevino
ADT Real Estate - Wilkes Barre, PA
Wilkes-Barre Homes For Sale


Yes, this is the land of transparency...or at least as transparent as you want to be. Thanks for the comment.

Dec 18, 2007 12:54 AM
Elizabeth Nieves
The Elizabeth Nieves Realty Group - Durham, NC
Bilingual Raleigh - Durham North Carolina Real Estate Team

My Dear Friend!

Well...even after reading almost everything you've written since I've been around here...including your last meme...I still learned something new from this one. What I already knew...and what resounds through this that you are a man after God's own heart. It is my honor and great privilege to know you and call you MY FRIEND!

Que Dios te bendiga!!


Dec 18, 2007 04:33 AM
Andrew Trevino
ADT Real Estate - Wilkes Barre, PA
Wilkes-Barre Homes For Sale


I'm glad I could share something new about myself with you. I am grateful to be able to call you friend as well. My God bless you greatly!!

Dec 18, 2007 05:04 AM
Joseph Michalski
Precision Home Inspection - Lansdale, PA
PA Home Inspector
OK - one MeMe on the way....I think I have a grasp on the "rules" for them!  Great to have met all of you (and I agree about Nick's accent - wish that came through on AR!!)
Dec 18, 2007 10:21 AM
Andrew Trevino
ADT Real Estate - Wilkes Barre, PA
Wilkes-Barre Homes For Sale


We anxiously await your MeMe. Thanks for playing.

Dec 18, 2007 10:25 AM