Showing Rental Properties

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In the business of rental homes, where commitments are not necessarily as serious as buying and selling a home, it is important to advertise the opportunity for prospective tenants to see the home, but not to waste too much time. The showing schedule completed by HomePointe Property management is a schedule of listed properties that will be shown for short sweet and to the point open houses. We want to give the opportunity for a renter to see the inside, but not have to drive out to the home to show every Tom, Dick, and Harry that calls. This way a serious renter will show they are interested and either have an application ready or receive one at the open house, saving everyone time and money.

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Team Honeycutt
Allen Tate - Concord, NC

Having an Open House to show rentals is a good idea. We actually have Rental Companies in the area that charge the prospective renter a fee and let them go look at the homes, then return key and get deposit back. 


Mar 29, 2012 05:47 AM