Family Friendly 3-Bedroom Houses in Newton, MA

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3 Bedroom Homes for Sale in Newton, MA

City living isn't always ideal for raising a family, but the advantages of being near a city can have its advantages. A great compromise for the benefits of both suburbia and city living is Newton, MA. There are beautiful 3-bedroom houses in Newton, MA which are perfect for raising a family in.

The homes in Newton are full of charm and character. There are both modern new homes and classic older homes available. Big kitchens and spacious family rooms are popular features in these homes, many of which were designed with families in mind.The community of Newton also has many great things for families. Families can enjoy the natural beauty of Newton, Massachusetts with water sports such as kayaking on the Charles River. The outdoors can also be enjoyed at Newton Centre Playground, which has play equipment, fields, and so much more for family fun.

Learning can also be fun at the Newton Community Education Center which has year round activities and education. You can feed the ducks at The Cove, the kids love it. Golfing is very popular in Newton and there is a great assortment of country clubs including Charles River Country Club, Nehoiden Golf Club, and Newton Commonwealth Golf Club. The Newton community looks like a 13 smaller communities called villages combined, each with their own central area of dining, shopping, and more. Whatever area you settle down in Newton you will find a great community, pleasant residents, and charm everywhere. Newton is a perfect location for your family to grow, learn, and explore life.

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