Offer under list price??? Dont Expect Positive Results.....

Real Estate Agent with McBride Kelly and Associates

Since October of 2011 the percentage received from offer has been up from year to date as little as 1.5% and as high as 3.7%.  Although statistic can be manipulated, this trend can be looked at as another positive movement in the housing market for the Tampa bay area.  The hardest part of being a Realtor is trying to convince buyers the difference between a strong and weak offer.  In the month of February 91.3% of the listing price was received in single family home purchases.  Understanding these sales trends in the market can help you explain clearly what has worked for purchase prices to perspective buyers. It seems, especially in the last year, many buyers will look at CMA's and still try to offer 10-15% below the listed price. I'm sure you can imagine the outcome. Sometimes it takes a few missed opportunities to show buyers that even a perceived "buyers market" has limitations.

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