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While out for a drive yesterday, I came across a tiny neat little neighborhood tucked away in North East Braden Castle ParkBradenton.  It's just off of Manatee Ave and 27th St E.  I just happened to glance up and saw a sign that said Historic Neighborhood with an arrow, so I quickly turned down the street and ended up in this neat little community.

It's a 55 and over community that sits where the Braden River meets the Manatee River.  The first thing I noticed were that the streets are only wide enough for one car to pass and these homes are pretty close to each other, so there isn't much yard to worry about for maintenance.  As I drove through the winding streets and up and down a few hills, I knew I was in a historic community.  You could tell just from looking at the homes.  They were all old homes that were built back in the 1920's and 1930's.  Each one different from the next.  Unique in it's own way.

As I continued to drive through the community, every person that I saw walking, driving a golf cart, riding a bike or just sitting outside of their home waved at me.  All of them.  This is small community full of friendly people.  It was so nice to drive through someplace unknown to me and have people smile and wave as I passed them.

Making my way around this unique community, I came across the ruins of the Braden Plantation House, that was long known as Braden Castle.  The Braden Plantation house was built in 1850 by Dr. Joseph Braden, whom Bradenton was named after.  The Castle had 20 inch thick walls, was two stories high and measured about 100 ft on each side.  There were 4 rooms on each floor that were all the same size measuring 20 sq ft each.  The Castle also had 8 fireplaces and 4 chimneys. 

In March of 1856, Indians attacked Braden Castle.

Dr. Braden fell onto some financial hardships in 1857.   The home was foreclosed on by Daniel Ladd, but Ladd did not evict him.  Braden later left Manatee for Texas around 1864.

The Braden Plantation was then purchased by Mary El Pelot and J. Crews Pelot after the civil war for $2,000.  She then gave 320 acres to her father.  For the next 10 years, Braden Castle was center of social life on the Manatee.  When Mary's father died, the Plantation House and land was then deeded back to J. Crews Pelot.  He later sold 34.75 acres that is now known as Braden Castle Park to Schmidlapp and McPherson.

Sometime around 1903 a fire that was reportedly started by vandals destroyed most of the home leaving only the concrete walls stBraden Castle Ruinsanding.  A short time later, the walls collapsed into the ruins that still remain today.  A fence has been placed around the ruins, but they still remain.  It truly is a historic site to see.

In 1924 the Tin Can Tourists (Camping Tourists of America) purchased the 34.74 acres.

By 1930, most of the 197 bungalows had been built.  Many of them have undergone several renovations yet still remain as they were, when they were built.

Originally there was a barbershop, post office, western union office, general store, a filing station, fire station, men's club house, women's club house, pavillion and 13 rental tourists cabins.

Today, this small 55 and over community has boat ramps, shuffleboard courts, a pier, a lagoon with a gazebo in the middle of it and beautiful views of the Manatee River.  Sorry, but they don't allow pets here!

If you're looking to live in a historic community, this may be the place for you.  The bungalows range in size from about 450 sq ft to 1700 sq ft.  Most are on the smaller side though.  They make perfect winter residences or year round living if you don't mind a small home to take care of.

office Building

Long PierGazebo

Long Pier

Homes in the community










Homes in Braden Castle

Braden Castle Homes










Water View from street

Old Braden Castle Photo










Braden Castle Ruins

Braden Castle Ruins





















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Ann Cummings
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Portsmouth NH Real Estate Preferrable Agent

Hi Becky - this wonderful post is included in this week's Week in Review.


Dec 23, 2007 02:16 PM
Becky Troutt
No longer practicing real estate as of 2008. - Bradenton, FL
Thanks Ann!!!
Dec 23, 2007 10:38 PM
Very nice site
Feb 11, 2008 09:51 PM
Shellii Martin


Just wanted to let Becky know that I am a descendant of Dr. Braden.  I visited the castle about 1.5 years ago.  It was really exciting!  My Great-Great-Grandmother was a Braden.  I am a native of Tampa and my connection is with the Braden-Miller lineage.

Jan 09, 2009 11:25 AM
Loren Hegge
Century 21 All Aces Realty - Bradenton, FL

I have listings in Braden Castle Park and have sold several in Braden Castle Park. One of the Friendliest subdivsions in Manatee County. 

Nov 16, 2013 12:28 AM