Do Your Balloons Reflect Your Open House Attitude?

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So do you ever drive by an "OPEN HOUSE" sign and see what appears to be the left behind balloons?  Would you think to pull into the street to check the "OPEN HOUSE" out if that was what you saw at the street entrance?  Probably NOT!

         Is it a reflection of your "attitude"?  If you can't be bothered to put up fresh, perky and welcoming balloons to send out that invite.  If you can't take the 5 minutes to do this task why would I think you would go the distance for me as your client?  Are you sitting at this  OPEN HOUSE playing games on Facebook?  When someone stops in and gives an objection to the neighborhood are you agreeing with them and telling them they should look some where else? 


         At the end of the OPEN HOUSE and you had no one stop in, are you asking yourself WHY? 

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What big and round or Flat and Immobile, I haven't thought of how ours look in years but they do attract the folks

Mar 31, 2012 06:39 AM