Bay Area Real Estate Today: Rainstorms and Your Home

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The rain is finally making an appearance in the Bay Area. March and April are slated to be the rainiest months of the year. I’m glad for the rain. I also want you to understand how the rain can make you aware of problems with a leaky roof and a cracked foundation. Many homes in the Bay Area are over 100 years old. As I examine properties on a daily basis, many homes are not maintained to keep up with the forces of nature.

I was in Berkeley, CA this week and the homes on Grizzly Peak were one medium-sized earthquake away from total collapse. For those of you that don’t know about the Grizzly Peak/Cragmont section of Berkeley, the streets are primarily on a hillside with breathtaking views of the San Francisco Bay. I’ve had hillside listings where there were definite cracks in the foundation and driveway. Cracks in your driveway are a clear sign of foundation issues.

Rainstorms present a good opportunity to check your homes for leaks. Rain is a big factor in homes sliding off hillsides ,if they are not maintained properly. The maintenance of your home affects your neighbors as well. With significant foundation problems, your home can slide. It may slide into the home next door or into the street. Can you imagine a home in the middle of your street?

The rainy season, believe it or not, is a great time for home-buyers to check out property. Cracks and leaks are clear during and right after heavy rains. Make sure when you are listing or buying a home to watch out for leaks and foundation problems. Money spent on repairs now can save a lot of pain later.

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