Getting back to what's important

Services for Real Estate Pros with Sprague & Killeen, Inc

Ending the old year and heading into the new year. Did we meet goals, what are our new goals, what are we going to do different to achieve these new, ambitious, S.M.A.R.T. goals?!?!?

Feeling the pressure of 4th quarter and year end numbers, setting numbers for 07, working backwards from what revenue the agency needs (wants), calculating how many proposals need to be delivered . . . how many appointments need to be set. . . all the way down to how many cold calls need to be made each day.

How can one not get caught up in all the numbers. . .Enough of goals and enough of numbers. Lets get back to what is important. . helping people, their families or their business. That is what I got into the business for.

In the beginning of 06, this was my primary focus, to see if what I have to offer could help someone and solve a problem. If not, no need to fit the square peg in the round hole. Regardless of our occupation, we all have a service the is designed to help people, put them in a home, find the best mortgage plan for the short or long term, find an investment property to help pay for a child's college one day.

Near the end of 06 I'm using terms like "pick off the low hanging fruit". Where the heck did that come from. Time to refocus, loose the stress and enhance my services to help my clients.

Writing this out is my first step to get back the old mindset.

Hope you all have a wonderful and successful New Year!

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