Will Your Child Inherit A Better World?

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Morning - late

Warming into Spring... oh so nice

The San Fernando Valley teems with possibility, promises of a new and glorious horizon, anticipation of a Kansas? Kentucky victory this evening....

And then there was a deep breath and a pause... and a stress relieving exhale...

Is the world going in the right direction?  Can I do anything about it?  A better question for me is am I going in the right direction and can I do anything about it?

Will I leave the world a better place for my godchildren, my nieces and nephews, my family?  

It's a great question that many care about... it drives decisions as disparate as what carrots to buy and what car. It moves people to purchase solar exhange systems that have a long range payback for investment made in terms of dollars saved on energy bills.  It is one of the central animations of persons on any side of any political aisle... especially if they have kids.

Is it one of the universal tenets that a parent wants their child to live in a better world in a better life than they had?


There are interesting arguments that are being made regarding where we've gone as a country in terms of debt... in terms of spending and taxes, in terms of wealth distribution... these things are on my mind this morning and I wanted to acknowledge this sixth grader that is thinking and making a statement and reaching out to her contemporaries in a way that maybe parents cannot reach their children... let's say some parents and some children...

Tax day approaches and I ponder what I get for my money that I pay...

Is it time to spread the wealth around or reward hard work?  Are these opposite poles?  Is a free market capitalist approach diametrically opposed to democratic socialism?

Confucius or somebody said, "May you live in intersting times."

These are pretty interesting indeed.

Peace to you and yours,



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