Wire Transfers for Home Buyers in Apex NC

Real Estate Broker/Owner with Francis Home Team

A friend emailed me today with concerns about wire transferring money to the Closing Attorney's Trust, or Escrow,  Account to finalize her home purchase. She was concerned about transferring the money and asked me if the practice is safe.  I thought you might be interested in my response to her:

"Hi Suzanne - thanks for the email! Sam is a very well respected attorney in your area - I have several colleagures who have done closings with him, too. Many of my clients in this area prefer to wire transfer the funds they need for closing a day or so early to the attorney's escrow account. The practice is safe and reliable and I'm sure the closing attorney's office can give you the necessary routing information for your bank.  Attorney's Escrow Account bookkeeping is monitored and is subject to audits so your funds are quite safe.

But if you are not comfortable with wiring the money you can also just bring a bank certified check to closing instead - it's absolutely your choice!"

Hope this helps you, too, and Happy House Hunting!

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