The Right Photography Can Make The Sale

Services for Real Estate Pros with James Colucci Enterprises

When my brother-in-law tried to sell his house last year, the realtor he hired stopped by to snap a few photos for the marketing materials. Much to his chagrin, the realtor my brother-in-law had hired whipped out his cell phone, lined up a few shots of the outside of the house, and went with those prints for every piece of marketing material.


You may be aware of the fact that appearance is everything in the world of real estate, and placing a few grainy, pixilated photos from your cell phone's camera on a flyer, brochure, or website listing of a property just isn't going to offer the visual image potential buyers want to see. In today's competitive real estate market, it's all about capturing the attention of a potential buyer, and for your money, you have to move with a professional real estate photography service.


When you're trying to choose the right professional photographer to list your new property, there are several things that you might want to look for. First, choose someone with the right level of experience. Sure, it's cheaper to hire an art student from your local community college to handle it, but choosing someone who has years of experience in the area of real estate photography will mean a better overall product. Ask about their professional training, and be sure to browse their portfolio. Some real estate photographers have extensive portfolios that you can view online, so an appointment at this early stage of research may not even be necessary.


Second, investigate the photographer's ongoing client list. The chances are good that if agents in your area use this photographer on an ongoing basis, you'll be pleased with the outcome of the photos.


Finally, review the contract of services carefully. Remember that you'll want to be able to use the final products in any marketing materials you like, and if there are clauses that may prevent you from doing so after a certain period of time, you may want to look for another party to meet your real estate photography needs.


If you're looking for the right real estate photographer to meet your needs, look no further than James Colucci Enterprises. With extensive experience in the industry and an unmatched portfolio, you'll get exactly what you need every single time. Take a moment to contact us today!

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