The Origin of Mr. Danke Schoen - Dancing with the Stars!

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"Danke Schoen...Oh darlin'..."  That golden voice.  Wait is that a guy or a girl?  It's a very young Wayne Newton. 

Wayne is not so young these days as he clearly showed America on Dancing with the Stars.

For years I have been told I resemble a young Wayne Newton.  A few years ago I took the resemblance to a new level.  As a room sponsor for the Contra Costa Realtors in Motion I  to a had to give a speech to a room of 250 people.  Boy was I nervous!

Now I had been attending the meetings for almost 2 years at this point in relative anonymity.  My boss said it would be a good place to network with Realtors, so I went.  I generally sat at the back of the room and hung out with the same 5 people each week.  I remember looking at the Broker's tour sheet (a list of homes that would be open that day) just circling properties so it looked like I was doing something.

Fast forward 2 years, I know a few more people and can recognize most of the local players.  It is my week to speak.  Most people get in front of the group and bore us to tears talking about how they offer great rates, and they have this program and that program.  O.K. I did a bit of that myself, it was my first time alright!

Ahh, but that's when I separated myself.  I pulled the mic from the podium and ...

At first nothing came out.  I had come to my big crescendo and I froze.  I took a deep breath and and began belting out "Danke Schoen"  with a few word variations to make it topical to Real Estate.  At first I was singing in that Wayne Newton falsetto, but soon settled into my strong tenor voice.  I finished my couple of verses and received thunderous applause from the room.  The singing and hard work have become my trademark.

Before a few years ago I did not know who Wayne Newton was.  Now I must thank him, for through his music I am truly living a thankful life.

 ~ Danke Schoen



Nate Ellis"Mr. Danke Schoen" is the Vice President of the Contra Costa Realtors in Motion(CCRIM) real estate marketing group.  He specializes in assisting First Time Home Buyers with no money down by leveraging Down Payment Assistance in the form of grants and "silent seconds".  Nate Ellis is a certified lender for the City of Walnut Creek, City of Concord and City of Pittsburg First Time Home Buyer program, as well as several other San Francisco Bay Area Cities.  Nate Ellis is also the Chairman of the Mt Diablo Housing Opportunity Center(MtDHOC) steering committee.  The MtDHOC acts as the central resource for Contra Costa County's housing needs and education regarding: First Time Home Buyers, Foreclosure Prevention, Senior Housing and Landlord and Tennant resources.  Nate Ellis is also a Certified Money Management Volunteer (CMMV) for Money Management International and assists people with credit evaluation and financial education.  Nate Ellis is a certified CalHFA, CalPERS and FHA Lender.  Nate Ellis is a Loan Officer for Residential Pacific Mortgage 3201 Danville Blvd, Alamo, CA 94507.  Equal Housing Lender. Help Teachers, Cops, Firefighters and EMTs be Good Neighbors.

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