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There are numerous reasons why we recommend that you seriously consider staging your home before prior to putting it on the market for the whole world to see. We want all of our Sellers to sell for top dollar in the shortest amount of time possible and home staging is one of the biggest weapons in our marketing arsenal and one of things that you as a seller actually have some control over.

Simply stated, home staging is the art of preparing your home for sale in order for it to sell quickly and for the most money. It may be as simple as rearranging things that you already have, eliminating clutter and cleaning or it can be as complex as bringing in new furniture, art and accessories. We as experienced REALTORS understand that people show with logic and buy on emotion. Properly staged homes help to evoke a positive emotional response among prospective buyers in some cases causing them to want to buy and in many cases, helping with objections that may present themselves in the process.  The ultimate goal is to get a prospective buyer to fall in love with you house.

It is a proven statistic that the average days on market for staged homes is considerably less than non-staged homes. Of course the numbers vary but according the professionals at ASP®, their staged listings take 83% less time to sell and the average days on market is 29 days vs. 185 for non-staged home. The stagers at ASP® guarantee that their services will cost less than your first price reduction. We can honestly say that this has been our experience here in our local market.

It is really hard for most sellers to see their home with the critical eyes of a prospective buyer.  Packing up your home and selling it can be a stressful experience. You are emotionally involved with your belongings and may not be able to see your home objectively. In some cases, you have lived in your home so long that you don’t see things anymore, i.e. that ugly wallpaper in the kitchen or the buckled carpet in the bedroom.  You as a seller may not possess the decorating skills that a home stager does so for these reasons and many others, we recommend that you meet with a professional home stager before you put your house on the market.

There are countless buyers who look at your home online before they make a decision to physically view it in person. Staged homes look better in the MLS pictures online and thus command more showings. In this day and age, virtually all prospective buyers are looking at your home online first. The benefits of home staging will result in more foot traffic and thus more potential offers for your property. If a home stager has done their job properly, they will create an environment that allows the prospective buyer to imagine living there. If the buyer already feels like they are home, they are more likely to make an offer for the property. In a highly competitive market, the staged home is more likely to win over on a home that was not staged.

The cost of home staging varies and depends on how much work needs to be done. Typically the cost of a home staging consultation will cost between $250 - $700 but it could cost several thousand dollars if you are selling a multi-million dollar property. When we visit your home, part of our job will be to ascertain what level of home staging you will need to get you your home sold quickly for the most amount of money. We view the cost associated with home staging as an investment in your property that can and should yield large return. In some cases, the REALTORS® on our team have enough knowledge of the basics of home staging and can make recommendations on what you will need to do. Several of the Agents on our team have their ASP accreditation and can help guide you in the right direction. We look forward to the opportunity to serving your real estate needs.

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