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Original content by Nikesh Parekh

In February 2012, Case-Shiller and the Zillow Home Value Forecast show further declines in real estate values in 2012.  

The ActiveRain Real Estate Recovery or Not Survey conducted in November 2011 and published in February 2012 showed the ActiveRain Real Estate Community calling a bottom in the US Real Estate market in 2012.

This weekend March 18-19, 2012, Barron's Magazine called a bottom in the US real estate market in 2012 or early 2013.

Barron's Magazine

Pretty impressive that the wisdom of the ActiveRain Community seems to be on track and ahead of Barron's Magazine and Wall Street.  

We at ActiveRain continue to see great signs of a US real estate recovery in 2012.  We're excited to see the real estate industry hard at work!

Check out our infographic of the 2012 ActiveRain Real Estate Recovery or Not.

Real Estate Recovery or Not




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