Tooting Our Own Horn

Real Estate Agent with GoodFit Homes (with Keller Williams)

First of all, hi there, folks: it's me, Jaclyn, writing this post. (I write pretty much every post, but just wanted to be especially clear this time.)

Once Marty earned his realtor's license, we had to decide who he was going to work for. Last June, after several weeks of pretty intense deliberations, Marty signed on with Keller Williams DTC. He appreciated the supportive atmosphere, was impressed with the wide variety of resources, and felt he really connected with the team leader, the dynamic Tony Carnesi. It didn't hurt that no office in Colorado sells more real estate than KW DTC.

Even with all of the support and mentoring we've received, starting a business from scratch is pretty darn scary--especially in an economy like this--and an awful lot of hard, hard work. One good month can get you by for a little while, but it's hard to ignore that voice in the back of your head mumbling, "But what if the next good month turns out to be April 2013? What will we do? Then the only work we'll have is selling our own house to avoid foreclosure. Better find out how the schools are in Greeley since we'll be enrolling the kids there after we're forced to move in with Marty's folks."

So it was a very pleasant surprise and encouragement last week when, out of 300+ agents, Marty was presented with the "Emerging Agent" award. Tony had some nice things to say, and I just thought it was pretty cool for Marty to be recognized for his hard work and awesomeness. So since he didn't really want to toot his own horn, it's a good thing I'm here to do it for him.

The video is under a minute. Take a look and join me in congratulating Marty!