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This is one of the most informative articles I've seen recently on the importance of page rank in Google. Choosing the proper domain name and targeting the proper keyword phrases can make a huge difference in how many web leads you receive.

Original content by Joe Smith

Good Morning All,

There is alot of info flying around about what percentage of clicks a site gets in what position in Google..

Here are the facts straight from Google themselves.. I have tested this info on many sites, and it is very
accurate. We calculated clickthroughs for our sites based on the Google Adwords Keyword tool, then used
this chart to estimate traffic, then collected stats for a 3 month period, and our actual results were less than
1 % different from what we had calculated them to be.

Ok, heres the info, and I will give an example of how this works on an actual site.

SEO Click Through Rates

    Given the info it is easy to calculate actual click rates for any given set
    of keywords. Lets use the following example and see how it will look for
    you given a certain position in Google.Com.

    Ok, lets say your site is based on a Baltimore Maryland Real Estate business.
    Your targeted keywords are "baltimore real estate" and you have managed to
    get yourself into position 3 in Google.Com for those keywords. For our first
    example, we will also assume that there are NO adwords ads displayed at the
    top of the page in Google...

    Ok, heres the calculation based on the chart at the left..
    1600 Monthly Searches X 8.44% = 135 clicks per month..
    If you were in porition 1 you would get 677 clicks per month..

    You might ask, why would position #1 only get 42% of the clicks, where
    are the rest of the searchers going??? Think about it this way, a percentage
    of them will click on the adsense sites on the right column, many will read the
    description attached to the search result and may not like what they see and
    move further down the list.. Be it as it is, the numbers to the left are accurate.

    When you pick your keywords, make sure they have some search volume. Why
    would you go to the expense of doing SEO for keywords that never get searched?

    Anytime you can pick domains with your actual target keywords in them, you will
    quickly get near the top of page 1 in google unless you make the fatal mistake of
    "over optimizing" your site. I will post more on this subject in a later post. 
    Since learning this info, my click throughs have increased by over 200% on
my personal sites, and my customers are singing rather than sighing. I have a customer who came to me for
seo work over 10 years ago. I pretty quickly got them to position 6 in google for their keywords. They were
extremely happy with the results. Then one day, we noticed their traffic doubled overnight. I started searching
and found that they had jumped to position 3. They came back to me and said we want you to re-optimize our site
and we don't care what it takes, get us to position 1.. I thought to myself, what a waste of their money... Ok, back
to optimizing, links, density, etc etc etc.... Ok, 2 months later they are in position 1, I get a completely unexpected FAT check in the mail from them.. I called them and said, whats this for? They told me it was a percentage of the increased business over one month... WOW! I'm thinking how much did you make??? What an education I got that day..

Bottom line.... Don't stop when you hit page 1! Go for the TOP. Clickthroughs equate to $$$

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