Mega Sports Park in Sugar Hill? Really?

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Just caught this article online in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, click here to see it (as long as they allow it to remain on the archives).  If you are unable to click the link, the city managers have reached a lease agreement for the land just south of the Sugar Hill Golf Club, north of Hwy. 20 and east of the Chattahoochee River with a company to develop a sports complex with a soccer venue that will seat 10,000+ people, in addition to smaller fields, a sports medicine complex and a senior center as well as other things.

As a resident of Sugar Hill and a father of 3 children, my first reaction is "COOL! Another fantastic place to take the kids for some recreation and exercise!"Soccer Field

My latest reaction is, however, that section of Highway 20 between Sugar Hill and Cumming is, well, a big ol' bottleneck of traffic and this will only manage to make it even that much more congested.  Maybe though this will be the impetus to get the state to widen that stretch FINALLY from Peachtree Industrial Blvd. to the recent 4-lane extension of the highway outside of Cumming.  The cost is much higher, complicated and more time consuming than a typical road widening project because they have that long span across the Chattahoochee to construct, but it needs to be done.

Check back on my blog for any other developments on this project and other happenings in North Gwinnett!

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