“Thunder Your Butts Off” Gets Thunder Employee's Butt Fired?

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According to ProBasketballTalk, a Thunder employee just got fired for publishing this video:

Here at ShowMeOKC, we're HUGE fans of the Oklahoma City Thunder, and while this video may not be the most remarkable production we've seen, we can certainly appreciate the passion these guys showed in putting it together. So, why would the one guy get fired? Was it because they found it offensive? If so, someone's overly-sensitive. I'd assume it's simply because the Thunder organization is protecting their licensing rights, but can an employee not also be a die-hard fan? If this person wasn't employed by the Thunder, and hadn't signed a contract with the organization, is there anything they could've done to him? And even if the organization has the right to fire him, was it the right move?I tell my kids and my clients all the time, "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should."

I know that if I had an employee or client this passionate about my organization, I'd be THRILLED to see them telling everyone they know, in any medium they choose. What say you? Should this guy have been fired for simply showing his passion for the team/organization for which he worked?

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