Say yes to the home

Real Estate Agent with Century 21 The Combs Company

There is a TV show called Say Yes to the Dress that shows brides buying wedding dresses from a high end bridal shop. I am sure you have heard of this show and possibly even watched. The show is very much like real estate. Real Estate and wedding dresses are both bought on emotions and feelings. Both need to look good, both makes the buyer get excited, and both require a huge decision. For the dress it will be seen by all the people you love and will be seen by generations in pictures/videos. For the home you will be in the home for a long time, will stay at the home most of your life, and will be seen by your loved ones.

Lets talk about "loved ones", both the dress and the home usually brings out many opinions from your loved ones. On the show the bride will bring loved ones for support and will always work hard to make the group or one person happy. The show always points out who the bride needs to make happy but that is different with each person. Sometimes making momma happy makes the bride happy, other times it is grand-daddy. The Bridal shop owner must figure out who is the support person in the brides life and work to make the sale. This is very much like real estate, like the bridal shop we do not really sell anything. We are required to react to emotions and feelings. We need to make their loved ones happy too! If the bride does not like the dress you can't sell it to her, same with a home.

The bridal shop must know their inventory, because if momma wants this style and baby wants this style the bridal shop must find the perfect dress to make everyone happy. Again this is just like real estate! Knowing our inventory is crucial to our success. If we are going to make the buyer happy and their loved ones happy we must find the perfect home and knowing our inventory is the only way to do that!

I think I may start asking "are you saying yes to this home"? Even though like the bridal shop owner, I know before the client even knows...or at least before they admit. Because when they ask "are you saying yes to the dress?" They already know the answer and so do I!


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