Fire Up Lead Generation While Managing The Lead & Automating the Follow Up

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Friday April 13th at 1:00 est

Fire Up Lead Generation While Managing the Lead and Automating The Follow Up


Do you feel like on some days your leads are just a pile of papers on your desk and you want to pull your hair out wondering which leads have been followed up on, how they are progressing and even wondering if they have been touched yet?!  YOU ARE NOT ALONE!


Tricia here and as I coach and give direction on how to grow your company while streamlining your efforts I constantly hear from you that it's not just about generating leads but its also about organizing them, managing them, assigning them and automating the follow up so it runs as a system.


Here are some things that I hear on the front line in talking with you guys and helping you on your strategies.


“Is there any way that I can get all my website leads including my MLS search (IDX)leads to feed automatically into my branded email follow up campaigns without having to manually load them?”


“I hear tons of agents saying that they are using Craigslist to generate leads off their listings. Do you have any ideas on how I can do that?”


“I would like to have a single property website on a specific listing, how can I make one so I can give something of value to my seller?”


“How can I use QR codes to market my listings?”


“Is there anything I can do in my site that others aren’t doing that can kick up more leads?”


The answer is YES!!  I am committed to showing you how to do this AND how to elminate the frustration of lead generation and follow up!  And..... be done in a matter of minutes!  


Come to this webinar and I will show you how to:


  1. Automate Lead Follow Up
  2. Take Lead Management To A New Level
  3. Maximize Your IDX with Unique Lead Capture Components
  4. Crush Your Competition on Listing Appointments
  5. Leverage Craigslist and QR Codes


Click Here to Register for this Webinar on April 13th at 1:00 est.

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