Brookline, New Hampshire

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Brookline New Hampshire, is home to about 2,900 residents. Brookline is located on the Massachusetts border, just west of Hollis. About 8,000 of Brookline?s 13,000 acres remain undeveloped. This is despite a recent growth spurt that prompted the Planning Board to introduce an ordinance limiting the number of building permits given out each year. That ordinance has been in place since 1994 and will likely remain on the books as a way to help Brookline preserve its rural character.

A number of historical homes and buildings are located in the Brookline town center, including the Florence Barnaby house, which is now the headquarters of the Brookline Historical Society. The former Brookline Railroad Station, now a private home, is another historical landmark. The Talbot-Taylor Wildlife Sanctuary, Nissitissit River and Lake Potanipo are popular sites for outdoor enthusiasts.

Quiet country roads and homes tucked away on wooded lots define Brookline. It is this small-town appeal that has brought many new residents to the town in recent years. To accommodate the larger number of school enrollments, the Brookline school system has been expanding. In recent years the town has approved construction of a new Hollis/Brookline High School, (opened in 1997), the expansion of Brookline Elementary School, and construction of a Brookline upper elementary school.

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