Atlanta Traffic Problems; 1 cent solution!

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ATLANTA -- A new ad supporting a penny sales tax that would fund billions in transportation improvements across metro Atlanta began airing on TV stations last week.

The ad makes some bold claims and some even bigger promises, which we decided to put to the test.

The ad claims Atlanta's traffic problems are actually costing the state billions in wasted gas and lost time and productivity.

The ad, which was created and paid for by Citizens for Transportation Mobility, bases its claim on the Texas Traffic Institution annual report. The reports estimates Atlanta's gridlock costs the state and its citizens nearly $2.5 billion annually.

The ad also claims the penny sales tax will spur job creation and strengthen the local economy. The tax would fund more than 150 transportation projects in 10 metro counties. The price tag is an estimated $8 billion.

If it passes, the transportation projects would almost certainly create jobs for the people who do the work. However, it's harder to substantiate the ad's claim that the road improvements will help Atlanta regain its competitive edge and ability to lure out-of-state companies to the area.

As reported today on various Atlanta-area TV stations and Blog sites.

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David W. Hughes
Home Realtors 208-870-5133 - Nampa, ID
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It would definitely create jobs, Infrastructure would be improved, which I suppose could help bring in companies. It seems to me the companies are struggling to find the "talent" they need, as well as being able to "lure" talent based on quality of life in the area they choose. Just my 2 cents.

Apr 09, 2012 06:02 AM
Atlanta's Home Inspector, David Lelak IHI Home Inspections
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Atlanta traffic can be horrendous at times.  What would take 15 minutes in a non-metro area, can sometimes take as long as 45 minutes - 1 hout to navigate. It can be a waste of gas, time and productivity - especially when trying to get to a job or return to an office from a meeting.  :)

Apr 24, 2012 02:47 AM
Pat Mistretta
PalmerHouse Properties & Associates - Atlanta, GA
Atlanta Lofts and City Living

John - it definitely goes without saying that Atlanta's traffic situation needs to be greatly improved.  However, I have not yet reached a conclusion on raising our sales tax to $.09.  That's pretty high, especially since those residing and/or operating a business in the City limits pay $.01 sales tax above those that don't.  Far too often, I have seen mismanagement of money and temporary "funding" become permanent.  I think about the fiasco with the toll road charges for SR 400 that should have ended.  Thank goodness I have until July to reach my final conclusion in order to vote!

Jun 02, 2012 11:00 PM